Welcome to Fossil Bonanza

Hello everyone, my name is Andy and welcome to Fossil Bonanza! This is a website dedicated to unusual fossil sites found across the world called Fossil-Lagerstätten. If you would like to get a run down on what a Lagerstätte is I’ve already provided a description here.

The short of it is that I have loved fossils ever since I was a kid and I began to appreciate Lagerstätten when I went to college. Afterward I graduated, I even worked at one as a park ranger, Fossil Butte National Monument, which was very cool. There are many notable fossil sites around the world that are considered a Lagerstätte like La Brea Tar Pits, Burgess Shale, Dinosaur National Monument, and Messel Pit. I wanted to express my appreciation of these sites as well as highlight overlooked ones that are still incredibly awesome.

I’m in the process of producing season 1 of a podcast dedicated to Lagerstätten. I have so far written seven of the first eight episodes and I’m planning on recording the videos after I finish writing the eighth one. In the meanwhile, please come back and check this website or twitter for updates and I hope you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by!

By Andy

I'm a museum science educator with a passion for all things geek and natural science related!

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