Lagerstätte Roundup: April 2021 Fossil Bonanza

Trilobites with gills on their legs, pterosaurs with thumbs, burrowing Cretaceous mammals, and giant eurypterids highlight this episode. Also John Day Fossil Beds and La Brea Tar Pits open their visitor centers for the first time since the pandemic started.  Finally, the Hauff Museum in Holzmaden Germany is going through financial trouble so if you can support them here at this link.https://gofund.me/0fa63950
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Lagerstätte of the Week: Luoping Biota

Lagerstätte: Luoping BiotaWhere: Southern ChinaWhen: Middle TriassicWhat: The Luoping Biota is a Middle Triassic, marine site that is an example of life bouncing back from the Permian Extinction. This fully-realized ecosystem has microbes, molluscs, arthropods, fish, and marine reptiles, interconnected in a complex food web. Ichthyosaurs represent one of the apex predators which marks the […]

“Dominican Amber” Transcript and References

It is 16 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch.  Mammals have exploded in diversity and have spread across the world.  The world has long since healed from the brutal extinction event that took out the dinosaurs 65 mya.  However, a new global event is coming, one that will challenge these animals and plants and […]

“Amber 101” Transcript and References

The following was the script for the “Amber 101” episode for Fossil Bonanza. Hello, my name is Andy Connolly and welcome back to another episode of Fossil Bonanza.  This is a podcast where I look at fantastic fossil sites found across the world, called Fossil-Lagerstätten, and gush why these sites are so fantastic, what they […]