Lagerstätten of the World

If you want to have an idea the diversity that Lagerstätten can obtain then check out the map above. If you click on it, it will take you to an interactive map that features Lagerstätten around the world. Or you can click on this link here

Each site will showcase images, brief site descriptions, and a link to a research paper that will explain it in-depth. You can also use a search filter or narrow it by time period.

Over 150 sites are featured. Although it’s by no means complete, it’s very extensive and shows how Lagerstätten can vary by time period, environment, organisms preserved, quality of preservation, and preservation method. If there are any that are missing on here that you feel should be added, let me know and I’ll include it!

And below is a complete list of the map organized by time period as of November 22nd, 2022. Links will take you to articles and alike with more information of said Lagerstätte.

Kushk Series
Khatyspyt Lagerstatte
Nonesuch Lagerstatte
Shibantan Lagerstatte
Portfjeld Formation
Ediacara Hills
Mistaken Point
Weng’an Biota
Bitter Springs Group
Spitzkopf Member
Lakhanda Lagerstatte
Itajai Basin
Spence Shale
Qingjiang Biota
Burgess Shale
Guanshan Biota
Sirius Passet Lagerstatte
Emu Bay Shale
Fandian Biota
Wheeler Formation
Parker Quarry Lagerstatte
Souss Lagerstatte
Indian Springs Lagerstätte
Chengjiang Biota
Orsten Fossils
Skyberg Biota
Fezouata Biota
Brechin Lagerstatte
Winneshiek Biota
Beecher’s Trilobite Bed
Soom Shale
Llandegley Rocks
Big Hill Lagerstatte
Fairview Formation
Tafilalt Lagerstatte
Valongo Formation
Fenxiang Formation
Liexi Fauna
Eramosa Lagerstatte
Herefordshire Lagerstatte
Waukesha Biota
Kalana Lagerstatte
Bertie Group
Much Wenlock Limestone Formation
Chongqing Lagerstätte
Miguasha Biota
Hunsruck Slate
Kowala Quarry
Rhynie Chert
Waterloo Farm
Gogo Formation
Brown Clee Hill
Famennian Thylacocephalan Formation
Lode Clay Quarry
Cleveland Shale
East Kirkton Limestone
Buckhorn Asphalt Quarry
Montceau-les-Mines Lagerstatte
Hamilton Quarry
Joggins Fossil Cliffs
Mazon Creek
Bear Gulch Beds
Avion Lagerstatte
Kinney Brick Quarry
Tinajas Lagerstatte
Coseley Lagerstatte
Lontras Shale Lagerstätte
Toploje Member Chert
Mangrullo Formation
Chemnitz Petrified Forest
Wuda Tuff Flora
Teekloof Formation
Onder Karoo Locality
Ghost Ranch Quarry
Luoping Biota
Monte San Giorgio
Chañares Formation
Kozja dnina member
Montral-Alcover Lagerstatten
Cassian Formation
Solite Quarry
Gastropod Oolite Member
Sinbad Limestone
Madygen Formation
Molteno Formation
Plateosaurus Bonebeds
Norian Limestone
Zarzaitine Series
Polzberg Lagerstätte
Kupferzell Lagerstätte
Grès à Voltzia’ Formation
Guiyang Biota
The La Voulte-sur-Rhone Lagerstatte
Slottsmoya Member
Morrison Formation
Posidonia Shale
Solnhofen Limestone
La Casita Formation
Strawberry Bank Lagerstatte
Nusplingen Lithographic Limestone
Yanliao Lagerstatte
Shar Teg
Ya Ha Tinda Ranch
La Bajada Chert
Tendaguru Formation
Cabeco da Ladeira Lagerstatte
Magliano Vetere Plattenkalk
Owadów–Brzezinki Quarry
Christian Malford Lagerstatte
Lebanon Amber
Jehol Biota
El Espinal/El Chango quarries
Vallecillo Village
Paja Formation
Romualdo Formation
Crato Formation
Jebel Oum Tkout Lagerstatte
Tlayua Quarry
Spanish Amber
Las Hoyas
Sahel Alma Lagerstatte
Puy-Puy Lagerstatte
Dinosaur Park Formation
Koonwarra Fossil Bed
Angeac‐Charente Lagerstatte
Muhi Quarry
Komen Limestone
Khasurty Fossil Insect Lagerstatte
Kem Kem Beds
Hjoula Lagerstatte
Lo Hueco Lagerstatte
Niobrara Chalk
Moqi Fauna
Amargosa Biota
Ingersoll Shale
La Pedrera de Meià
Baltic Amber
Green River Formation
Florissant Fossil Beds
Messel Pit
Lake Enspel
Maar Lake of Menat
Phosphorites du Quercy
Mummified Plants of Nanning
Kilwa Group
Monte Bolca
Laguna del Hunco
Rauenberg Lagerstatte
Maar Lake of Mahenge
Canadian Arctic Paleogene Megaflora
Rovno Amber
Fur Formation
Solane Lagerstätte
Kishenehn Formation
Na Duong Basin
Geiseltal Biota
Ashfall Fossil Beds
Mexican Amber
Dominican Amber
Ngorora Formation
Pisco Formation
Ethiopian Amber
Gračanica Coal Mine
Foulden Maar
Libros Formation
Camp dels Ninots Maar
Shanwang National Geological Park
Willershausen Lagerstatte
Sandelzhausen Lagerstatte
Clarkia Fossil Beds
Zhangpu Amber
Morozaki Group
McGraths Flat
Saint-Bauzile Diatomite Quarry
Las Breas de San Felipe
Naracoorte Caves National Park
La Brea Tar Pits
El Breal de Orocual
Natural Trap Cave
Tanque Loma
Shiobara Group
Talara Tar Pits
Venta Micena